Hi, I am Rudy Gomez

a software engineer

What I Do

I aspire to build and ship clean, efficient, and reusable code that can be leveraged across multiple platforms while following a Test Driven Development(TDD) methodology. My main focus is to create mobile applications for smart phones, watches, and other wearables.

App Delevelopment

I'm constantly integrating new web technologies as well as native implementations into my mobile applications.

Web Programming

My experiences include projects with front-end JS frameworks as well as back-end frameworks in PHP and Python.

Game/VR Experience

What started out as a hobby and love of games has expanded into creating native apps on a variety of mobile platforms.

Full Stack Engineer

The combination of working on web and mobile over the last few years has given me the skills to execute scalable solutions.

Armadillo Smash

Armadillo Smash is an old school, arcade style, casual game. Join Pepe, Rodo, and Mando as they bounce their way into the record books. Sounds like an easy task? It’s easy, but difficult to master! Improve your skills to collect more skulls and get the top score on the leaderboards.

About Me

I am passionate about programming and mobile development in particular. My accomplishments include publishing to the iOS App Store, Android Marketplace and Pebble App Store. These apps were create using open-source technologies such as PHP and JavaScript as well as Objective C and C.

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Mobile Apps






PHP / Python

My Works

Take a look at a few of the apps that I have worked on for clients, team hackathons, and personal interests.

Pebbleton SDK

iOS CocoaPod

Pebbleton wraps the Pebble Kit headers into one singleton for ease of use. In the process, it handles the delegation in the form of callbacks. The other main feature of Pebbleton is the abilities to send large dictionaries by using a buffer. The plan for Pebbleton is to allow developers to easily send data across the devices at hacker speeds. In the future it will allow you to send arbitrarily sized dictionaries and then any type of data effortlessly and efficiently.

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Pod Damned

Oculus Rift Simulation

You are prematurely awakened from deep space hyper-sleep. What do you do now? This was our hack attempt at winning the 2015 Global Game Jam hosted by Facebook. The virtual reality experience utilizes the Oculus Rift headset to immerse the user in an awkward situation. Solve puzzles to escape imminent doom. This is just a small example of how virtual reality can put us in places we wouldn't other wise be able to visit, which create endless opportunity to apply the technology in other industries.

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Mobile Startup

Marketo acquired Vessel.io to completely integrate into their native workflow and create Marketo Mobile Engagement (MME). We built custom REST APIs to handle the communication between both systems and create the worlds first omni-channel engagement system. I personally managed the release of both the iOS and Android SDKs and built multiple sample applications to showcase MME. Recently I have also taken on addition responsibilities on the front end.

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Jumpfrog Game

iOS & Android Game

Join Chomper, star of Jumpfrog, on his quest to fill his tummy. Run, jump and catch bugs with your sticky tongue. Compete against your friends high scores as you try to reach higher combos. But be aware of the dangers in the swam! With the support of family and friends, I was chosen to participate in the Make School 2014 Summer Academy, a program established to be a "college replacement for founders and developers". My goal now is to take the tools and confidence Make School gave me to further my career.

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First of Them

Pebble & Pebble Time

Our original hack idea was to build a simple Pebble game to press a button and stop an arrow within a certain zone. We knew we had to expand on this idea to make it unique, and we took great influence from The Last of Us in order to do that. We combined a zombie shooting game with a simple timing game. Our team is most proud of the combination of simple mechanics with an action-filled shooting game. I can see this game having an companion app with game mechanics that encourage teamwork.

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GoCities Search

Community App

Tired of searching the entire world wide web to find Local Community and Business Info? Find out what's near you by clicking the GoCities Network Facebook App. The GoCities Network gathers local information about business and communities in the Rio Grande Valley and put them all in one easy-to-reach place. With this project I learned just how much programming was involved in creating websites with dynamic content. I also learned how to setup a local development server running a LAMP stack.

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Lets Chat

I am open to new ideas and opportunities aligned with my interests.
Please feel free to drop me a line.